OKKO Organic Hemp and Cotton Men's Pants Beige Review



Okko has introduced a pair of men’s truly multipurpose pants. They are comfortable and durable enough to be worn in several different activities. They also can be worn just relaxing around the house, as well. At the heart of the pants is the fabric, which is made from a blend of organic fibers.


The fibers come from the Hemp plant and cotton plant. The fabric features a 55% Hemp and 45% cotton fiber blend. This delivers an extremely soft and durable fabric that is comfortable and doesn’t stretch. The one size fits all style also provides unmatched roominess that makes it perfect for things like yoga and martial arts training.


Eco-friendly and bio-sustainable


Okko has hit on a great opportunity to offer a product that is both great for men to wear and also helps the planet at the same time. By using all-natural fibers in making the fabric that these pants are made from. Also, selecting organic Hemp fibers and organic cotton fibers is eco-friendly. If you are familiar with Hemp, it is a relatively new material, even though it has been around for more than half a century.


As it turns out, Hemp plants (Cannabis Sativa family) produce 220% more fibers than that cotton plants. Unfortunately, due to some governmental concerns, the Hemp plant was banned from agricultural use for decades. However, that has recently changed, and Hemp farmers and manufacturers alike are trying to educate the public about its many benefits.


Besides its awesome fibers, the plant and growing process also are a huge benefit to the planet. It requires far less water and doesn’t require pesticides and herbicides for it to thrive. The Hemp plant grows much faster and helps to regenerate the soil condition, which is just another huge benefit to the planet.


Features to look at Okko’s Organic Hemp and Cotton Pants


  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Four large pockets
  • Multi-activity use with elastic and drawstring waistband
  • One-size fits all design
  • Made from eco-friendly, bio-sustainable fibers




  • One-size fits all design makes it a very attractive option for buyers
  • Hemp/cotton blended fabric brings softness and comfortness
  • Non-stretch fabric
  • Plenty of room for bodily movement
  • Eco-friendly




  • The price may be on the high side for some people


Final Thoughts


For most men shopping for clothes is not the highlight of their day. So, when it comes to finding what they want needs to be quick and easy. When it comes to clothing, that means having a place to find exactly what they need and be able to buy it and be done with it.


Okko makes that easy by offering these Hemp and Cotton blend Men’s Pants. The pants not only look good, but they are multipurpose, which is a huge plus for any guy. The one size fits all design means you don’t have to worry about whether or not you will have to return them because they don’t fit right.


They can be used for exercising, yoga, stretching, and even for martial arts training. The durable Hemp and cotton blend fabric mean that they will hold up many workout sessions and will not stretch out of shape, like other types of workout clothes.


If you are looking for a new pair of workout pants or even some to just lounge around the house in, get a pair of these Okko Organic Hemp and Cotton Men’s Beige Pants.