Eco Friendly vs Plastic Bags

Have you been looking for the perfect type of bags to use with your shopping? If so, there are many options you could consider - with just two such examples being eco friendly and plastic bags. But how do these two bag types differ? Well, we’ve outlined some of the core differences you should know as follows to help.

What are Eco Friendly vs Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are the staple we’re all used to seeing in supermarkets and the like, but they’re not necessarily great for our environment. Indeed, the production of plastic is a hugely damaging process; what’s more, it does not degrade well, meaning that plastics will often remain in landfill for hundreds of years. Contrastingly, eco friendly bags are designed to have a lesser impact on the environment, usually featuring more environmentally friendly materials and being more readily reusable.

Why Choose Eco Friendly Bags Instead?

Switching to eco friendly bags, such as the Holy Scrap! Compostable Trash Bags, is one of the easiest ways to minimise your impact on the environment. Better still, it’s no more effort or inconvenience on your part, but you can rest easy while knowing you’ve made a genuine, positive difference to the world around you.

Lower impact bags are designed to offer all of the same durability and value as you would expect from traditional plastic bags but with the added benefit of not harming the planet through harmful compounds or wasteful processes. As such, if you’ve got the choice between eco friendly and plastic bags, the decision really should be a no-brainer - and by starting with quality products, this is made even easier as a result.